14 Natural Remedies To Fight Aphids

Whether you have a large yard or just a few plants in your home, you probably know that aphids are a real pest. Indeed, these small parasites affect all plants, all year round! The only time of reprieve is in winter, when most insects are absent. The rest of the time, aphids can weaken your plants, making them more vulnerable to fungal diseases. The infestation can be so strong that the most vulnerable plants can perish. However, there are natural methods of getting rid of aphids. Here are 14 natural remedies to fight these little buggers.

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1) Black soap

Black soap is a natural and effective remedy for aphids. Indeed, whether in liquid or paste form, once diluted in lukewarm water, it cleans the leaves of the larvae and the honeydew produced by the aphids. A recipe for making a black soap solution can be found here.

2) Marseille soap

Marseille soap is an alternative to black soap. It has the same properties as the latter and is applied directly to the leaves. To prepare a Marseille soap-based solution, grate it to get shavings and dilute it in lukewarm water with a splash of olive oil.

natural black soap anti aphid recipe
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3) Olive oil

Since olive oil is the main ingredient in black soap making, it’s not surprising that it’s on the anti-aphid list. Just mix a tablespoon with a liter of water! This solution will expel any aphids that infest your plants.

4) Coffee grounds

The coffee grounds settle at the base of the plants. This not only deters aphids, but also ants and garden mollusks.

coffee grounds
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5) Dishwashing liquid:

While effective against aphids, dish soap should be used sparingly. In too large quantities, it can have a harmful effect on your plants, but also on the soil. In any case, organic dishwashing liquid is preferred.

6) Grapefruit Seeds

Grapefruit seeds are a natural insecticide. It is therefore not surprising that grapefruit seed essential oil is a real ally in the fight against aphids.

7) White vinegar

White vinegar is effective against almost all problems. Once diluted in water, simply sprinkle the plants to clean them of small insects.

8) Garlic

Aphids hate the smell of garlic. Therefore, they will flee all plants impregnated with this fragrance. All you need to do is make a decoction and then spray the solution on the plants suffering from an aphid infestation.

9) Potato Starch

Potato starch acts on aphids and mosquitoes. Dilute it in hot water with some dish soap, then spray the solution directly on the plants.

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10) Nettle Manure

Nettle is a plant that is often used as fertilizer in the garden. The recipe for nettle fertilizer can be found here. It is enough to spray this solution on the plants.

nettle manure
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11) Mint fertilizer

Highly effective against green aphids, mint fertilizer is prepared exactly like the nettle fertilizer you find above.

12) Rhubarb Manure

Aphids don’t like it and neither do snails. Rhubarb fertilizer is therefore terribly effective in the garden! It is enough to simply distribute the substance on the leaves suffering from the spread of aphids.

13) Street Manure

As with garlic, aphids do not like the smell of rue. The technique remains the same, you need to spread the substance on the plants.

14) Tomato Manure

Tomato fertilizer is made from the leaves of tomato plants. It is also a formidable insecticide against aphids.