bean larvae prevention and treatment

If your bean crop falls prey to weevils, they become unfit for consumption and can no longer germinate. These larvae are the offspring of beetles belonging to the crysomelidae family. These insects are brown in color and measure about 4mm. The larvae are white with a brown tip to match their heads. Find out how to get rid of these pests in the garden.


First of all, you should know that only dry seeds can be affected by weevil. The larvae dig small holes in the grains. Once inside, the seed can no longer be used for seed and cannot be eaten.

Credit: laran2/iStock

Weevil Prevention

A few preventative measures can keep the weevil away from the garden.

After harvesting the ripe seeds, discard the worst ones. Then, after light drying, put the seeds in the freezer for a week. The cold from the freezer will kill any insects or larvae present.

You can also use a decoction with a strong smell, such as a tansy decoction. This repels the insects and you have less chance of being hit by the larvae. The preparation is quite simple: finely chop about 300 g of tansy, then add boiling water and let it steep for a whole day.

This preparation is spread on the legs of the beans. To find out if your seeds are still good, place them in a container filled with water. Any seeds that do not sink should be burned.


Prevention remains the best treatment against this pest, because to date there is no effective method to remove this larva from beans. Strong odors cause them to be repelled for a while. Also remember to keep your seeds airtight so that insects can’t lay their eggs there.