Blue thistle: plant, grow and care

Blue thistle is a perennial plant that is easily identified by its shape and color. Its spiky bulbous aspect and its silver-blue color make it easy to distinguish among the wild flowers during the summer season. The stem can grow up to 1 m and supports these 4 cm diameter spheres composed of small tubular flowers that resemble stars. Here are all our tips for growing blue thistle.

Where, when and how to grow blue thistle?

To take advantage of a beautiful summer bloom, autumn is the ideal time to plant the blue thistle. To maintain the wild effect, grow it in the middle of a bed. Make a mixture of garden soil and potting soil. The earth can be dry, rocky and even calcareous. The only criterion to take into account is that the soil must be well-drained. In addition, the blue thistle appreciates a sunny or slightly shaded location.

Space each plant 30 cm apart. If you buy your plants in pots, it is possible to plant them in spring or summer as the blooms are already there.

blue thistle
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The interview

The advantage of the thistle is that it does not require special care. Once established, this wild plant thrives on its own. But like any good self-respecting gardener, we like to be diligent. So you can gradually remove the spent flowers, but also secure the flowers with very large stems to prevent the wind from breaking them.

During prolonged drought in the summer, water regularly and preferably at the end of the day.

Good to know :

Watch out, the foliage of the blue thistle stings. So take your precautions by putting on gardening gloves before handling the plant.

You can keep the blue thistles to make a bouquet of dried flowers or simply place them in a water-filled vase.

blue thistle
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