How to control beetles naturally in the garden?

The Colorado potato beetle is a small insect feared by gardeners because it tends to devastate crops that have been tilled for so long. It mainly affects potatoes, but also aubergines and tomatoes. Fortunately, there are tricks to get rid of the beetle. This will in any case require regular and sometimes lengthy monitoring. Find out how to control beetles in the garden.

What is the beetle?

The Colorado potato beetle is a member of the chrysomelid family. It measures approximately 1 cm. This insect comes from Mexico and the United States and was introduced to France in 1918 after an import of potatoes from America.

There are about 25,000 species of beetles in France. It is very easy to recognize thanks to are yellow and black colors as well as the shape of his round body. In addition, its bright colors allow it to escape from the various predators. Thanks to its wings, the beetle can travel many kilometers by being carried by the wind. The Colorado potato beetle or potato beetle is particularly feared by gardeners because of its its multiplication very, very fast† During her life, the female will lay about two thousand five hundred eggs. The latter are deposited on the leaves by the female and hatch after seven to ten days.

Once born, the larvae make very large damage by devouring the leaves in a short time. In winter, the insect takes refuge in the ground and when the weather warms in the spring, it attacks the potatoes. It feeds on all parts: leaves, stems and tubers.

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How to fight and prevent the appearance of beetles in the garden?

To eliminate the beetle, there are natural tips that are quite effective. Therefore, despite the destruction caused by the insect, there is no need to contaminate the soil with chemicals. The Colorado potato beetle only proliferates on vegetable plants such as: solanaceae

The most effective method remains the most manually† The insect must be destroyed manual by collecting adult insects every two days. Just put them in a bucket of water or mash them between the leaves. This technique is certainly long and exhausting, but it is the best technique for overcoming this invasive insect.

The second method can complement the first. a spray tub or nettle manure also proves to be an effective natural trick.

A good one crop rotation also reduces the huge increase in the insect. Finally, certain combinations of plants such as garlic, beans or castor repel the Colorado potato beetle, as these are plants it does not like.

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