natural treatments against this garden pest

The onion fly is a garden pest that sometimes invades vegetable gardens in France. Slightly larger than the housefly, it reproduces at lightning speed and causes damage to crops, especially onions. Indeed, the larvae feed on it, causing them to rot. However, there are preventive treatments to prevent their appearance as well as natural tips for getting rid of them if they have already invaded your yard. Find out how to get rid of the onion worm.

How to identify it?

The onion fly is very similar to the fly we all know, the one that bothers us around the fruit basket at home. But if you look closely, the onion fly a much smaller size and has five dark colored bands on his thorax. The larvae are about 1 cm in size and white in color.

From April, the onion maggot comes out of hibernation. When adult flies reproduce, they can 200 eggs every fifteen days. When the larvae begin to develop, they burrow into the soil to complete their fly transformation† If the temperatures are too low, the fly will remain in the ground until next spring.

onion fly
Credit: lisad1724/iStock

The damage caused

You guessed it from the name, the onion fly mainly attacks this bulb, but also leeks, shallots and garlic. It is precisely the larvae that attack the bulbs. In fact, they dig galleries in the bulb and feed on the decaying skin.

When the bulb is attacked by the larvae, the wounds caused by the galleries become gateways for all kinds of diseases. Seen from the outside, the foliage will yellow and bag. And if you’re thinking about taking the orb out of the earth, expect it to be withered and full of larvae.

Prevention and Treatments

A great prevention method is: to plant carrots near onions† Indeed, carrots and onions help each other: one by chasing the carrot fly and the other by keeping the fly away from the onion.

To make the bulbs stronger, it is best to put them in stone powder† A late planting also ensures that the bulb is not attacked by the first larvae.

Finally, avoid manurebecause it attracts flies and the onion generally does not need mineral-rich soil.

If your onions are already damaged, pull them out immediately and then burn them† You can also install adhesive strips catch flies in flight. As a last resort go to an insecticide made from pyrethrum† This is a product naturally which is not harmful to the environment. You should still know that it doesn’t differentiate between real pests and allies of the garden.