Sewing business plan

How to research a garment business – a detailed production business plan, the expected performance of starting a business + 7 + 4-plan sections of potential risks.

Opening expenses: from 610,000 rubles.
► Payback period: 12-18 months.

Before thinking about how to open a sewing production, you need to understand that there is nothing to do without useful activities in this area.

The fact is that many experienced tailors are moving from working at home to opening a private workshop, and the number of cases increases significantly every year.

Small applicants do not stand as participants, since they do not sew on such a scale, but only on order

When opening a sewing business, you should choose the direction in which you have to work, something relevant.

If the scope of the work involved is dissipative, then the quality of the products produced may be reduced.

In order for the business to be sufficiently effective, you can work in the following areas:

  • tailoring of children’s clothing);
  • tailoring products from fur and leather (may be of high value to itself);
  • tailoring of suits for marriage ceremonies;
  • tailoring of outerwear (coats, raincoats, jackets);
  • sports paraphernalia (tailoring of personalized suits, tailoring of team uniforms).

Detailed sewing business plan

In order not to lose sight of the important points of the organization and to designate a sequence of actions, a priority task is necessary.

A good business plan should consist of sections that include:

  1. Registration of the enterprise in local authorities and in the tax office.
  2. Rent of a building for a sewing workshop.
  3. The material fund of the enterprise (equipment and so on).
  4. Staff for work in the sewing shop.
  5. Search for clients.
  6. Profitability of opening a workshop.
  7. Accounting for possible risks.

You should also take care of advertising, because good advertising is always a new client.

Regretting the money, you can spoil the whole project, because if there is no information about the company, the likelihood that it will be contacted is very small.

Registration of a sewing business

Quick business, the sewing shop needs to be registered as a legal entity.

There are two options for how to do this: register production as an individual entrepreneur, or as a limited liability company.

If you choose the first option, you will need to submit a number of documents, such as:

  • statement of establishment of the enterprise;
  • receipt of payment of state fees;
  • documents of the owner of the enterprise (passport).

It will take five days (working) to review the submitted documents.

In case of a positive response to the request, the entrepreneur receives a package of documents in which the ownership of this enterprise is present.

In the event that the second option seems more appropriate, the registration of an LLC is slightly different from the registration of an SP.

Documents are handed over to the tax office, where support is provided.

It will also be necessary to register the charter of the organization, which contains all the data about the enterprise and its activities.

When opening an LLC, the initial capital, according to the law, must be at least ten thousand rubles.

Costs for registration and processing of production

Cost itemsCost, rub.)Cost itemsCost, rub.)
Seal crushing500Seal crushing500
Payment of duty800Payment of duty4000
Total:1300 rub.Total:4500 rub.

It follows from this that the option with SP will be simpler and more profitable, but it all depends on the number of founders and on the purpose of the enterprise.

After all, IP can be registered only for one person, and it is important to accept it.

How to choose a premise for opening a sewing production?

“In business, you need to make decisions quickly and lead. It requires discipline and innovation. And also – good relations with people, an extraordinary sense of humor and, of course, good luck.
Richard Brunson

The choice of premises for the workshop depends on the organization of the scale of the enterprise.

For the manufacture of products per day, it is worth looking for a room of seventy square meters.

Must meet all standards.

A suitable location can be found in industrial areas.

The rent will take from 120 thousand rubles.

Even if there is a production volume of up to fifty products per day, it still makes sense to immediately rent a spacious room so that in the future you will not spend time and money on moving.

Sewing shop equipment

Necessary for tailoring, regardless of what kind of clothes it will be, is:

  • sewing machine;
  • cutting equipment;
  • ironing equipment;
  • furniture (tables, chairs);
  • textile materials;
  • button apparatus;
  • overlockers and cutting knives.

There are cases and other adaptations, depending on the material from which the clothes will be sewn.

The purchase of all the necessary equipment for ten jobs will take from 300 thousand rubles, depending on the equipment, what kind of purchase, since there is such an option as buying non-new equipment (used).

The price of equipment is influenced by factors such as who makes it and where it comes from.

For example, if you order from another city, you can only pay for shipping.

But if from another country, then also the import tax.

Required employees

The main method of activity of this production are employees.

In order to sew high-quality products, experience and knowledge are needed, and even a diploma of this specialty is better.

In order to save money, You can hire several employees with extensive experience, Appoint them as seniors.

Others may be less experienced but learn as they go.

This should not be any consumption on product quality.

To motivate employees to work more productively, as well as to achieve the first category to the importance, they cooperated with training with less experience, it is possible to receive percentage increase rates from profits (if the plan is completed for the month).

Calculation of personnel costs:

Cost itemQtyCost, rub.)
Registration of activities101000
Seamstress 1st category316 000/month
Seamstress 2nd category712 000/month
Total:twenty142 000 rub

How to find clients in the clothing business?

As mentioned above, without advertising, many customers in the clothing business cannot be found.

These can be advertising banners in transport, business cards, leaflets, etc.

However, nothing will affect the enterprise as well as a job well done.

Therefore, it is always necessary to monitor the quality.

It is necessary to engage in the search for clients before starting work.

The earlier orders start to be filled, the faster profits decline.

These measures before hiring people, purchasing equipment and renting premises.

Start with small amounts.

Monitor the quality of the produced goods, provide conditions that are superior to competitors.

This will help to earn a name in the market, thereby most firmly gaining a foothold in the clothing industry.

Sales of products

Another important fact is the sale of products, because the greater the volume of supply of goods, the greater the profit.

Nowadays, more and more people go shopping on the Internet.

Using this, you need to make your own website or sell products using online stores.

If the business is only growing, and there is no boutique yet, then you can open a point in the market.

It is also possible to agree on the supply of goods to stores, thereby expanding the range of outlets.

The store, in turn, makes a profit with a price increase for the product.

Calculation of advertising costs

Cost itemsCost, rub.)
Placement of advertising products in places of application50,000
Printing promotional products13000
Total:63 000 rub.

General calculation of the cost of opening a clothing business

Cost itemsAmount (rub.)
Pre-registrationover 1300
Personal training10,000
Payment of wages132,000 months
Rent a workshop space120 000
Equipmentover 190,000
Consumableover 80,000
Total:610 000 rub

Profitability of opening a sewing production

The payback period for a sewing business is at least a year or a year and a half.

Because it takes time for a business to grow.

Time to set up a wholesale distribution, production speed, maybe even expand the factory.

With all this, the business has a good, even high speed, which is equal to 60% (of course, when assessing the prosperity of the business).

It is also recommended to scale production: a small workshop pays off faster, but a larger profit costs a larger enterprise.

Your experience in opening and running a clothing business

Possible Risks When Starting a Sewing Business

In any business, there are a number of factors that make it unprofitable, and may or may not.

  • A long payback period may seem like a scarcity of funds.
  • Lack of clients at work at a loss.
  • Lack of skilled workers in the market.
  • The cost of materials, when ordering abroad, will fluctuate along with the currency.

In order for the clothing business to appropriate personal income and quickly pay off, all possible risks are worth the environment.

Or, at least, prepared to minimize negative consequences.