What flowers can you plant in August?

We often tend to think that the month of August – and the end of the summer period in general – is not the ideal season to plant flowers. And that’s not entirely wrong. That said, nature has been done very well… So nothing is impossible! So, between two crops of fruits and vegetables that are currently in full yield, it is quite possible to plant a few flowers. Let’s see which one!

California poppy

Very resistant and easy to sow (because it is not very difficult in terms of soil quality), this colorful flower can decorate any bed! Ideal if you’re a fan of country flowers, the California poppy is even more robust when planted in late summer.

orange california poppy
Credit: iStock / Frederic Hodiesne

The Madonna Lily

This rustic flower is the touch of elegance that can sublimate any garden, thanks to its incredible whiteness as well as its intoxicating scent. It is planted at the end of summer, preferably in a sunny place.

white lily flower
Credits: iStock / Takako Watanabe

the water lily

Which beautiful water flower essential embellishes any pool with its delicacy and poetry. To bloom, the water lily needs standing water and is not afraid of cold or frost. On the maintenance side, all you need to do is remove the spent flowers.

water lily culture
Credits: suju/Pixabay

the hollyhock

We appreciate the simplicity of this large flower that can form any border. You have to be careful though, as its height makes it vulnerable in the wind. A semi-sunny location sheltered from bad weather is therefore essential.

Credits: Sorajack/iStock

the iris

The only instruction to follow is to plant this flower away from too humid places, in a place exposed to the sun and not too close to other plantations. The iris does not like shade… You just have to choose from the multitude of existing varieties!

Credit: Tony Baggett/iStock

The forget-me-not

How can you resist these tiny, uniquely colored flowers? Also called mouse ear, the forget-me-not is planted in August for the spring bloom. Be careful though, as this flower can become invasive.

do not forget me
Credit: Alexandrum79/iStock


Marigold, also known as marigold, is an unofficial plant that has many health benefits. It is indeed perfect for moisturizing and soothing the skin after sunburn, for example. In addition, it repels certain garden pests.

Being worried about
Credits: PhilippT/Pixabay

The autumn crocus

The crocus is not only the prerogative of the first suns, as the name suggests, it can also be grown in the fall. Light, well-draining soil and regular watering are the only ingredients needed to grow this delicate flower.

crocus flower
Credits: congerdesign/Pixabay

the cyclamen

The cyclamen is at home both indoors and outdoors and thrives effortlessly in its unique shape. It can be found in many colors: white, pink, red, etc.

Credits: armsnano / Pixabay


Planted in August, the blueberry takes time to germinate during the winter season and blooms a few months later. Like calendula, it is a flower highly valued for its medicinal properties. It is also honey-like and therefore ideal for attracting pollinating insects.

Credit: erwin66as/Pixabay